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Heineken 0% 33cl 3.30€
Kaineken IPA 0% 33cl 4.30€
Koff Longdrink Pink Grapefruit 0% 33cl 3.40€
Pierre Zero Merlot alcohol free red wine, France21.00€
Pierre Zero Chardonnay alcohol free white wine, France21.00€
Lahhentagge Flaneur 7.40€
Lahhentagge Flanause 7.40€
Heineken 0% 33cl 2.90€
Kaineken IPA 0% 33cl 3.90€
Koff Longdrink Pink Grapefruit 0% 33cl 3.00€
Öun sparkling juice drink spruce-rhubarb, Estonia 5€ | 25€
Öun sparkling juice drink apple-juniper, Estonia 5€ | 25€
Pierre Zero Merlot, alcohol-free red wine, France 5€ | 25€
Pierre Zero Chardonnay, alcohol-free white wine, France 5€ | 25€
Lahhentagge Flaneur 6.90€
Lahhentagge Flanause 6.90€

*Ask our staff for allergen information.

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