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star Special offer

Buffalo chicken wings

Blue cheese sauce

Cheddar cheese balls

hand-made cheese balls served with ranch dressing

Russian roulette chicken wings

6 chicken wings, one of them is absurdly spicy. But which one? Beware! This is AN EXTREMELY spicy dish. Not recommended for children and pregnant women.

Kale chips

Roasted kale with salt flakes

Caesar salad

chicken fillet, parmesan, cherry tomatoes, romaine lettuce, crispy prosciutto

Teriyaki chicken wings

garlic sauce

Crispy chicken wings

ranch sauce

French fries

parmesan and cheddar mayonnaise

Sweet potato fries


Garlic bread

ranch sauce

Beef tacos

shredded beef, guacamole, chipotle sauce, pickled shallots

Crispy chicken strips

With salsa ja guacamole

*Ask our staff for allergen information.

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